Infographic Design

Cork has always been around us, on the table, in our bags, on the wall and even on the ground. We accepted it as a normal accessible medium in our daily life without any attention. There are many creative minds like engineers, artists and designers who used this natural material as a medium to produce new works.

Wine stoppers have amazed me since I remember, and then I decided to buy numbers of them to develop an idea with it. I didn’t have any information about the source of this material and I have always been thinking that it comes from the body of a tree, not the theme tree. In the beginning of this research, I found out the living and harvesting conditions for this tree and which countries have the most production.

I realized that the cork is not only a material for bottle stoppers and boards but also, it has many usages; home construction, industrial design, fishing and sport equipment such as badminton shuttlecocks.

The most interesting part for me was the historical part, which greatly enlightened my imagination. Finding a convenient layout and appropriate visual composition is the most challenging part after collecting and categorizing information. Therefore, I need to work on the most important part of this research, and try to find a new communicative visual language. In that case, I focused on the sources and productions of cork.

The amazing part belonged to ancient Greece that sacred and adored this tree, and no one could cut it down except a priest. I may use that historical illustration very simple and schematic, to code the information.


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