An exhibit of how social media allows individuals to attain both fame and shame while they share personal words, images and performances. Ironically, the price for such forms of communication is often alienation. This thesis exhibit created with graphic design and photography, captures moments that allow the viewer to experience it all unfolding in real time. The exhibit is broken into three sections: The Title Wall, the Social Media Room and the Selfie-with-Artist Studio.

You will see the Title Wall when you first enter the gallery. The Social Media Room is behind this wall with 4 images from my Facebook account. On the adjacent wall, you will find three boards sitting side by side, displaying feeds from my social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. Against the right wall, you will find a computer connected to the internet and a Facebook group page for LIKE FOLLOW SHARE. The Selfie-With-Artist Studio is right next door.

This fully interactive exhibit allows the audience to take selfie photos and post them to the LIKE FOLLOW SHARE page.Those who prefer not to take selfies can also interact by writing their  message on the black walls using the chalk provided.


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